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Unfortunately, not all of Wyoming’s current laws allow citizens to fully enjoy the most basic freedoms promised in the Bill of Rights. One glaring example I see is not being able to carry a firearm into public spaces in our State.  Your right to self defense shall not be infringed!


Tyler is a proud cosponsor that helped to pass Stand Your Ground and has cosponsored the repeal of Gun Free Zones.


Deregulation can be one of the most effective methods to expand our economy. The best part of this solution is that its free!  Tyler has taken this method dozens of times in everything from the minerals industry, agricultural commodities, and financial technology.


Wyoming offers a world-class education to our youth. We have a lot to be proud of but we have some problems that need fixed. Our spending is out of control and our testing standards have grown well beyond their intent thanks to bureaucrats in Cheyenne.


We can fix this problem, but we have to make a few things clear first. No one is upset that teachers in Wyoming make a decent wage, or our schools are not falling apart. The problem lies with the Department of Education in Cheyenne and that is where our cuts need to be aimed. 


The freedom to decide what’s best for your family is paramount in today’s society. In the Great State of Wyoming, who would've ever thought that we couldn't drink milk from our neighbor’s cows?  This is, in fact, the law of the land and an issue that I confronted head-on. 

Resolving this issue will allow families to decide what’s best for their children, and it will be a tremendous benefit to agri-business through opportunities such as value-added products.  During the 2015 session Tyler sponsored legislation called the Wyoming Food Freedom Act, not only that but the bill passed. As of today, Wyoming has the best law in the land for local artisan foods.

In 2020 I passed the nations first law to bypass the Federal Meat Inspection Act's egregious rules that keep ranchers from selling directly to consumers.  Once again, Wyoming leads the way!


As we elect officials to represent our interests in Cheyenne each year, too often we no longer hear from these individuals after November. In today’s world, I believe that both transparency and accountability of both our State Government and State Government officials is absolutely necessary. 

Tyler has made a commitment to publish all important votes made in the Legislature on his website, Facebook page and Twitter feed, along with an explanation as to why he voted the way he did. Additionally, Tyler will be available by phone and email to answer your questions and address your concerns. 


The Wyoming State Government spending growth from 2000 to 2010 was one of the highest in the nation, at 61% according to the Tax Foundation. Couple this with the fact that new taxes are continually being introduced in legislature, and we can quickly see a trend.

As your representative, Tyler would rather see the money we have in our community stay right where it belongs – at home, where it can address the challenges each of our communities see. 


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