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Common Core vs Common Sense

The so-called State-led Common Core Standards are a huge overreach by our Federal Government with the express permission of our State Government. 

These standards do address some of the issues we have with our education system, but they create far greater problems in their implementation.  Standards developed for cookie-cutter children are unrealistic and compound on the educational deficits we see in the State. The status quo only advocates for a continued disregard for what the majority of our children need. 

Think of Common Core Standards as a running standard in gym class. The Federal Government set a standard that all children need to be able to run 1 mile a day in 7 minutes. While this may be easy for your child, it won’t be an easy task for everyone’s child. What if your child is faster? Must they be held back because of this standard? Common Core Standards foster mediocrity, which in turn builds a mediocre society not prepared to lead the next generation. 

Aldous Huxley’s 1931 novel A Brave New World addressed this concern. It is alarming that we have once again chosen to ignore the impacts anticipated by one of the greatest recognized authors of our time.