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​​​Welcome! And thank you for visiting my website.

My Name is Tyler Lindholm and I am proud to represent House District #1 in the Wyoming Legislature. As a longtime resident of Sundance and active member of our community, I care about the quality of life of our district.

Representing House District 1 is an extremely hard job due to the diversity of the area, but this community also has a common theme and that is self governance. Throughout Crook and Weston County, from rancher to coal miner, we all cling to the ideals and foundations of what the Constitution represents. 

Like many of the people here, I work in the energy sector and in agriculture. I am Vice President of my family’s cattle ranch, and I also work for Basin Electric Power Cooperative as their Lead Substation Electrician. These roles have taught me one very important lesson; regulation can and will stifle the best of business’ if given the opportunity. As your Representative I work diligently to keep State led regulations at bay and to promote private sector growth over the public sector.

Transparency and accountability in our government is paramount and easily done in our modern world. That's why I have pledged to place all important votes on social media and linked those pages directly on this website, even if you don't have social media, you can still keep track of those votes.

I look forward to discussing issues with as many people as possible in the district throughout the next two years of my term. If you have any questions or comments please contact me anytime. I can be reached on my cell phone (307) 282-0968, my email, or right here on my website.

Thank you, and I hope to hear from you.


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